Wednesday, January 02, 2008

On Alex bloody Ferguson

Yet another throw-away post. I need to up my game I know. But this did make me laugh.
After Manchester United limped to a one nil victory over Birmingham City, Fergie moaned:

"That was the quietest I have heard the crowd and it's disappointing because we needed the crowd today. We have come through a difficult period of game after game and in moments like these we need a lift. But it was like a funeral out there."

Could not the crowd's taciturn behaviour be explained by something they might have been doing the previous evening, 31 December 2007? Perhaps Sir Alex was still suffering the effects himself.

I can never mention Alex Ferguson without being reminded of celebrated food critic and little Englander, AA Gill's assessment of the chef Gordon Ramsey. I paraphrase: "Ferguson is a wonderful manager, just a really second-rate human being."

Good night.


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