Friday, September 28, 2007

On a design flaw

What do you see? Four L-shaped buildings or something more sinister? This is a picture of the Coronado US navy base in San Diego, which, rather unfortunately, appears to resemble a swastika when viewed from the air. In fact, when the building was completed in the 70s there was a bit of a to-do about its shape which was eventually forgotten about.

Fast forward 30 years to the age of Google Earth and the 'controversy' has resurfaced. A group of people with apparently not much to occupy their thoughts has forced the US navy into finding money in its 2008 budget for what the Guardian described as "camouflage" and that "Landscaping, rock structures and solar panels should help disguise its shape."

I generally hope, think, that people have better things with which to devote their energies but I'm always wrong.


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