Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On Andrew Meyer

This was probably among the most shocking news stories of the last week or so. Andrew Meyer a 21-year-old student at the University of Florida was "tased" by campus police after attempting to ask John Kerry why he conceded the 2001 presidential election. Meyer was filmed being picked out of the audience by Kerry and invited to ask a question. He approached the microphone and began to put a series of questions to the senator. He was then approached and dragged from the lecture hall by police. As he was restrained on the ground he could be heard pleading "Don't tase me, bro" before he was shot with the electric weapon. In the film below Meyer can be heard screaming and shocked gasps come from other audience members as Kerry continued to address those present. Proportionate force for dealing with an unarmed "serial prankster"?

A clip from a better angle is here.


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