Friday, August 03, 2007

On Smeato

John Smeaton, the baggage handler who tackled terrorists as they attacked Glasgow airport, today visited the prime minister at Downing Street. Gordon Brown hailed the 'Smeatonator' a hero and judging by the clip on Channel Four news just now John Boy was fair pleased.

"This is Glasgow, you know - we'll set about you. That's it."


At 4:42 pm , Anonymous a. nonymous said...

Am i the only one that laughs at Smeaton, rather than with him? He's a fool, with a deluded view of life. All this "we'll set about you" pish. It's just the talk of a jaked up ned who likes fighting. I'll bet it's a matter of months before he's done for assault in a Sauchiehall Street rammie. Twat.

At 7:41 pm , Blogger Finnieston Crane said...

Yes, you're the only one. Curmudgeon.

At 10:04 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I nearly spilt my pint when I heard that the 'donate this hero a beer' web-site had clocked up over 2,000 hits.

Three of us then against 2000.

I'll be betting on us at those odds, 'cos these nags are all knackered, don't you worry pets!

Nick, Berlin. xxx


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