Sunday, July 22, 2007

Croatia for the BNP?

So says a story in today's Observer. I'm a little sceptical myself because the article makes senior members of the British National Party look incredibly silly and paranoid. Even more so than one might expect I mean.

The Observer reports that a wealthy BNP sympathiser owns 1,100 hectares of land a few miles south of the town of Knin and that,

"It is here that a small cabal, comprising senior members of the British National Party, plans to hole up once, as they expect, the world's supply of oil runs out, triggering anarchy."

Nick Griffin has apparently visited the site on numerous occasions and when the dread day arrives, leading party members will up sticks for this Croatian idyll. It will be a sustainable community which harnesses solar power and natural water supplies. Unfortunately, the Observer doesn't give us any insight into what Griffin and co plan to do when they get there. After all there'd be little point in continuing as the BNP. And wouldn't they need to outmanoeuvre the impending fossil fuel armageddon by a good few years? Otherwise there'd be no planes or ferries to get them there. They'd have to paddle in a Union Flag dingy.

In case you're absolutely convinced Griffin et al are more bonkers than you'd believed, let me at least point out that when the Observer asked the party about the plan it did deny the story. None the less the paper has established that high-level talks did take place about the possibility of decamping to Croatia and that advice was sought from an energy expert named Andrew McKillop. McKillop has a pet theory about the end of oil and gas supply and tours widely lecturing on the subject.

Now, you may wonder what credentials Mr McKillop has or whether he himself is crackpot. But when questioned by the Observer about his encounter with the BNP he was moved to comment that:

"It was all a bit Monty Python. They seemed extremely paranoid."

Complete with funny walks, I shouldn't wonder.


At 9:29 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite. But it is interesting that on the same day the Observer article appeared the BNP website mentioned the briefing by Andrew McKillop at a "two-day conference at a hotel in the New Forest".

At 12:23 am , Blogger Finnieston Crane said...

Yes, I've just had a look and there is indeed such a reference. I can't figure out why they think this is important or what benefit it will provide them. The website seems to claim that they're somehow ahead of the game on this one. However, I think we'd know a little more about "Peak Oil" if the government was concerned.

Again I don't know anything of McKillop's credentials.


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