Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Just shoot it

Hindus at a shrine in Wales are launching a last minute appeal to try and save a 'sacred' bull from slaughter.

The 'sacred' bull has tested positive for tuberculosis and the Welsh Assembly has made clear that infected animals must be slaughtered to protect both human and animal health.

A reasonable position one would readily acknowledge. Unless one happens to be Hindu and quite fond of 'sacred' bulls.

Ramesh Kallidai of the Hindu Forum of Britain

"As a responsible organisation, the temple has sought professional veterinary advice to ensure that robust measures are taken to isolate Shambo and minimise the spread of disease. Killing Shambo will violate our faith, tradition and desecrate our temple. It goes against all accepted norms of our faith."

Hang about, Jim. Minimise the spread of disease? Why not eliminate it rather than be irresponsible and let worshippers who go near it contract the disease.

Will they never learn.


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