Friday, May 25, 2007

Does Littlejohn even believe what Littlejohn says?

Johann Hari took RIchard Littlejohn to task in last week's New Statesman when reviewing Littlejohn's latest book, "Littlejohn's Britan" a collection of his rantings in the Sun and the Mail. The title alone is warning enough; there's no reason to think Littlejohn's Britain bears any resemblance to anyone else's, or indeed the reality.

I'm with Hari most of the way but I really wonder whether Littlejohn is worth expending the effort on. But then, it looks as though I'm about to. The thing is I just don't believe him. And I don't believe he believes what he's saying. He's a highly paid right winger and thus needs to keep up the shtick. It keeps him rolling in money so he plays the bogeyman. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't people out there who cling to every word he says as though he were some portly, badly dressed oracle. And this is why Hari probably feels compelled to fight back and not least because of Littlejohn's playground homophobia. Hari explains:

"There is, however, a core to Littlejohn's humour, to which he returns on almost every page: homosexuality. He obsessively talks about cottaging, lubricants, 69ers - every tiny detail of gay sex is smeared across the pages. He quotes long exchanges from Gaydar involving the MP Chris Bryant ("I could do with a good f***"), and says Peter Mandelson lives on "the Rue Des Jeunes Hommes" (because gays like young boys - geddit?). I think about gay sex much less than Richard Littlejohn - and I am gay.

Every problem circles back to sodomy in his mind, as he panics: "Soon we'll have gay men going door to door, like Jehovah's Witnesses, trying to convince us to convert." This isn't bigotry. It's a psychiatric disorder."

"Rue Des Jeunes Hommes". Hilarious and probably made more so, in Littlejohn's mind, because he's written in in French and they're all bloody poofters. It's laughable only in its utter infantility. Which is why he's best ignored. As Hari himself acknowledges, there are some right wingers who can be funny and he cites Kelvin McKenzie and Ann Coulter. I must say I'm not keen on McKenzie and I've mostly found Ann Coulter to be in less than full grasp of the facts. If I were to pick a right wing writer who has the style to pull off similarly ludicrous rants, it would be AA Gill. His thoughts on Albania were so outré they barely merited serious consideration, yet his mail bag was fuller than ever. Grist to his and Littlejohn's mill.


At 8:08 pm , Anonymous a. nonymous said...

Rues des jeunes hommes? Is that not young men, rather than small boys...?

Littlejohn is a twat. As is Kelvin "Scots are dying quicker than anyone else in Britain. Thank Christ" McKenzie.

I quite like Clarkson though. Don't agree with him, but i like his style.


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