Sunday, May 13, 2007

BBC in Scientology row

The BBC has clashed with the high profile cultists of the Church of Scientology. Beeb man John Sweeney was filming a documentary into the church's dubious dealings when he became involved in a shouting match with one of their people. The Church of Scientology has recently begun fighting filming with filming when it finds itself the subject of unwanted attention. In this instance Sweeney was filmed by the church's people as he lost his temper. Sweeney himself said of the episode, "I look like an exploding tomato and shout like a jet engine ... it makes me cringe."

The CoS has posted the video on You Tube and you can watch it below. Towards the end a buzz can be heard, presumably signalling the final brutal implosion of the sound equipment. Most reports describe him raising his voice but it doesn't begin to illustrate the decibels this guy can emit.

The link I've included above gives Sweeney's own account of the sort of harassment he endured at the hands of church officials. At the point of his becoming, let's say, not under-exercised, he had listened to a load of drivel about psychiatrists, who Scientologists say were to blame for the rise of Nazi Germany so you can appreciate how the far-reaches of his tether were exhausted. The church has called for the "global obliteration" of psychiatrists. I think I might be swayed if they focused on more deserving groups, estate agents, for example.

Update 8.32pm: It's interesting that the narrator's voice is British. And I'm sure I've heard him on TV extolling the benefits of Toilet Duck or something. Mercenary bastards these voice-over artists.


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