Saturday, March 03, 2007

Blair acknowledges departure causing uncertainty

The Guardian website is carrying a brief article on an interview with Blair in tomorrow's Observer.

It begins:

Tony Blair admitted that his announcement he will quit as Prime Minister this year has created a period of "uncertainty" for the Government.

Not often TB admits to anything with might be to his detriment but this is hardly revelatory.

But he insisted that he would have faced "a load of different problems" if he had kept quiet about his intentions.

I can't honestly think what those "load of different problems" would be. Is he thinking only of the personal difficulties such a decision might have incurred? It seems to be that publicly he'd be having it a touch easier at present.

And he made clear he did not want to repeat the fate of Margaret Thatcher, who said she would go on and on, but was then "absolutely belted and chucked out" by her own party.

Too late methinks.

Referring back to the 2005 election, he said: "Iraq was a factor then. In a sense, when I go, that goes with me."

He must be referring to the stigma here. Clearly if he went tomorrow the disaster in Iraq would continue and it would, presumably, be Brown's task to complete. Would that it were so simple, Tone.


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