Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Anyone for a five year plan?

Former civil service head, Lord Turnbull, told the Financial Times that Big Gordie Brown operates with "Stalinist ruthlessness". And on top that he has "a very cynical view of mankind and his colleagues" and vetoes "serious discussion" with colleagues.

It doesn't bode well for GB, does it? He's barely put the jibes about being "a bit autistic" and a "control freak" to bed when these comments appear rather reinforcing much of the "private" mutterings on his state of mind. Lord Turnbull seems to have told others that he thought he was talking off the record during his conversation with the FT. It's unlikely that a man of his experience and knowledge of the press could ever have thought anything of the kind.

The news outlets seem to find the comparison quite a hoot. Unfortunately, I didn't see what Channel Four News made of it all. In all likelihood a senior mandarin has had his wings clipped and not liked it an awful lot.

And now Newsnight is on the subject.

Bon soirée.


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