Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2020 Vision

But it's not much to look at. There's nice picture of a girl with some binoculars. She appears to be in the middle of a vast expanse of water, perhaps at the helm of a luxury yacht. It's implied that she's looking towards "A progressive century". Hope she's not simply lost.

Charles Clarke and Alan Milburn want to have a debate about policy. Not one about the leadership. No, siree. Strange time to decide, though, isn't it? Conventional wisdom suggests they're busy trying to cajole poor, wee David "the Boffin" Miliband into running against Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership, but the Boffin is steadfastly refusing to be bullied. He'll be next leader but one says the smart money. With this in mind Clarke and Milburn presumably want to force Brown into accepting some policies conceived by the wider party, rather than be force-fed the Chancellor's vision for the future. But most likely it's because neither of them likes Gordy very much and they want to stick their hefty boots in.


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