Thursday, January 11, 2007

Walter Smith: in a world of his own

Walter Smith has lashed out at the Scottish Football Association for not offering him a new contract and claims that is the reason he walked out on the job.

"Rangers have offered me employment for the next three years. My job with Scotland was going to finish in November if we didn't qualify for the European Championship. I had to look after myself."

It's hardly an ambiguous position, Wattie. Qualify and you can stay; don't then you won't. But he continues:

"I would ask people what they would do in the same situation. I was asked if I wanted to enter into discussions about a new contract. I said I was happy with the situation the way it was, but that did not stop them from offering me one. If they had chosen to offer me an extended contract and I had signed it then I would not be leaving now. It's as simple as that."

I think I've had girlfriends like this. Conversations normally went like this:

Me: "That's a nice bag, would you like it?"
Her: "Yes, it is, but it's too much."
Me: "Okay."

Walks off.

Her: "You don't want to buy it for me then? Harumph."

Walter clearly wants his tummy to be tickled a little first before he's thrown the bone. And a Cruft's-style rosette.

"What disappoints me most of all is when I took that job the president and the chief executive were being smuggled out of football stadiums in the back of cars. They forget I came to Scotland at a diabolical time. And this is the way they act at the end."

Woah there, Wattie. Diabolical? Okay, it wasn't all champagne and strawberries but it wasn't that bad. It was never as bad some of the media would have liked us to believe. There was a fair amount of xenophobia to boot, so when a dour, mumbly 'home-grown' manager came along the press were almost delighted. Perhaps the SFA is more perplexed at how someone who managed Rangers for the best part of ten years and won just about as many competitions as he entered would want to go back. Particularly as the club is in such a state and particularly as you, Wattie, hadn't achieved anything in the job you were in.

Never believe your own press, folks.


At 2:10 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

since when have you ever offered to buy me anything?


At 7:55 pm , Blogger Rayleen Kelly said...

Understand the point but the bag analogy is not good one, do you know anything about women?

When we say yes it is lovely but too expensive, it means I love the bag but I am not going to buy it, so please feel free to go buy it for me, that would be lovely.


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