Tuesday, January 09, 2007

There's not a team like the Glasgow Rangers

Not one quite as shambolic at any rate.

Things seemed to be steadily improving for Scottish football of late. A new manager of the national team and a solid start to its European Championships qualifying group soon banished the bad memories of Berti Vogts' reign. Then last week came Paul Le Guen's resignation as manager of Rangers football club and with it tales of petulance and infantility to shame the most pampered of divas, or in this instance the most pampered of Scottish football players, Barry Ferguson.

Le Guen arrived and immediately 'Wee Baz' realised that his new manager's idea of what a professional athlete should be, and his own vague grasp of the concept, were somewhat at odds. Le Guen soon surveyed his new squad and decided an extra spot of fitness training might be in order. However, Ferguson thought this grossly unfair and not really in keeping with the 'Scottish way'. Then Le Guen decided that for their £10-15,000-a-week Barry and his chums might have to sacrifice drinking alcohol during the season. Afterall they've only got from their mid-thirties onwards to get uproariously pissed every day for as long as their livers can stand it. Hmmm... you might think, this guy's just arrived from winning three titles consecutively in France and done not too badly in the Champions' League. We on the other hand haven't won so much as a bottle of Bucky from the church tombola; he might be on to something. Alas, no. Wee Baz knew best.

So tensions grew and the manager resigned and a player spoke out. I'll not recount anymore of the miserable episode - you can read it where I've added links. If Le Guen happens to turn up at your club in the near future, please, treat him right.


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