Monday, January 22, 2007

Piracy on the high seas!

I'm aghast, readers, about this story of the stricken MSC Napoli, beached on the coast of Devon.

There are around 40 containers parked on Branscombe beach today filled with everything from piles of Pampers to buckets of beauty cream. So it's no surprise that the looters have descended on the beach to rob and purloin anything not, well, a few miles adrift. I can't be bothered reading too much about this story but I have learned that Pc Steve Speariett has confirmed that around 50 BMW motorbikes have also gone walkies. I'm glad Pc Speariett has been able to tell us how many 13 grand motorbikes have just disappeared off the beach rather than prevent any of them going. I suspect he was too busy checking his hair in the mirror and repeatedly telling the BBC reporter how to spell his surname properly.

Unlike the cheeky chappy also featured on the news, who happily admitted to having plundered one of the bikes and told of his plans to shift it on Ebay. Surely even Speariett can't miss a lead like that. Surely.


At 11:19 pm , Anonymous Andrew said...

He said he was going to sell it?! Missed that. Just how much of a muppet do you have to be to say that to a camera crew!

At 11:25 pm , Blogger Finnieston Crane said...

I think I heard it on the radio this morning, but I was half-asleep.

Still I think you're going to find it tough to shift BMW motorbikes in Devon without arousing suspicion for a while.


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