Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saudis threatened to withhold intelligence

Not satisfied with Britain's reaction to threats to cut commercial ties it seems Saudi Arabia upped the stakes in the BAE investigation scandal by threatening to withhold intelligence on Al Qaida.

There's much about this affair I cannot fathom. The Serious Fraud Office spends £2million on the investigation and just when it gets something juicy (apparently, it was about to gain access to Swiss banks accounts) Lord Goldsmith steps in and pulls the plug. What does this mean for future investigations? Can BAE now send its executives around the world bribing and swinding with impugnity in whichever tinpot dictatorship they choose?

The SFO is currently investigating BAE dealings with Romania, Chile, Czech Republic, South Africa and Tanzania
. If Tanzania turns around and says it won't buy anymore military jets from us, will Blair send in Goldsmith again? The government interference in this case is despicable.


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