Thursday, December 07, 2006

Intrigue continues in Litvinenko death

Channel Four news is claiming a scoop tonight having revealed that the Met believes Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned at the Millennium Hotel in London. At the same time reports are coming out of Russia that one of the two Russians Litvinenko met on the day he was poisoned has fallen into a coma.

Dmitry Kovtun met Litvinenko at a bar in London's Millennium Hotel on 1 November. He has only just been interviewed by British authorities and fell ill shortly after. Russian prosecutors have today announced they will investigate both Litvinenko's death and what they are describing as the "attempted murder" of Mr Kovtun.

The Russian authorities are well-advised to cooperate with the British in any investigations. Having so far ruled out complying with any future extradiction requests, these latest developments ought to alter this stance. If, as is likely, Litvinenko has been assassinated by a Russian national then anyone suspected of his murder ought to be handed over to face an English court. You'd also think the Kremlin's curiosity might just be a little aroused as to who has managed to lay their blood-soaked paws on £20 million worth of radioactive gear, the amount found in the former KGB agent is said to be estimated to cost. Unless it already knows of course.


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