Wednesday, December 06, 2006

France launches 24 hour news channel

Yes, nearly a week since my last post. Usual story, though. I've been in Belgium for a few days so I have an excuse of sorts.

France 24 launches tonight with its full debut on satellite and cable tomorrow.
The channel is said to the brainchild of Jacques Chirac who first considered such a channel in the early 90s. However, it was his frustration at what he considered France's lack of a voice in the run up to the Iraq war which has brought the project into existence.

It's kicking off with streaming in French and English though I've not found out who it will be available to in Britain. I suspect it'll just be Sky customers at first. Being an unshamed Francophile I hope it becomes a success and should provide an interesting alternative to CNN, Fox et al.


At 5:03 pm , Anonymous Roderick Spode said...

Sacre bleu! I was just thinking the other day that what this country needs is more French news. Many's the night I've tossed and turned, wondering what the French think about this issue or that, without ever being able to satisfy my burning curiousity... until now that is. It's a resounding 'danke schon' from me.

Just one thing in your post made me curious though Finnieston. What's this about the channel being 'an interesting alternative to CNN, Fox et al'? I thought in this country the news was generally supplied by the BBC, ITN or Sky. Have you moved across the pond? You can't like America and France you know.

At 6:47 pm , Blogger Finnieston said...


Well, a wit and a lover of PG Wodehouse: just the sort of reader this blog longs for.

In answer to your query I was simply reflecting on those foreign news channels available here. I suppose I should've included Al Jazeera English, too.

I'm glad your mutual craving for the French viewpoint will now be satisfied.


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