Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tory gaff brace

I'm sure most people have by now read the poem which was sent from the email account of Wiltshire Conservative councillor, Ellenor Bland. I'm not going to uglify my blog by posting it here, but it's available at various news sources. Here's how the Beeb covered it.

So what's the deal? Well, Bland immediately launched her defence by blaming her husband, also a Tory councillor. Presumably, thinking that would put her in the clear, she then focused her energies on excusing her feckless spouse, saying the poem was 'lighthearted'. Indeed it was so lighthearted it also contained the request to, "Please send this to every British taxpayer you know" and a cartoon of the white cliffs of Dover with the words "Piss off - we're full!" scrawled across them.

It seems at this point Bland thought she'd just about convinced us that it was really wasn't worth all the fuss and revealed that she felt her privacy had been infringed. The temerity continued when she announced she was finding the attention "all rather tiresome."

I don't know. Maybe we've got her wrong. She's only an elected official after all. She's one of us really. I'm sure if she offered a thorough explanation we'll all be persuaded around to her way of thinking.

"We have friends who are Asian. I wouldn't be rude to them."

Oh, no, Ellenor, not the "some of my best friends are black/gay/(insert minority here)" plea. Jesus, no, you must have speech writers and support staff. Couldn't one of them have come up with something a fraction less idiotic? She says she wouldn't be rude to her 'Asian' friends. Not to them, no, but presumably she wouldn't shy away from some 'lighthearted' email banter about them. She doesn't think we should be allowed to see her emails so that'd be fair game. Stick to text messages next time, Ellenor. But use your mobile, not your party provided Blackberry.

Doubtless there'll be choruses of support for this halfwit, but how anyone would want someone this inept to continue to represent them is beyond my limited ken.

And before I forget, the gaff which makes the brace is the news that Dave Cameron has sacked Bernard Jenkin from his front bench. Jenkin had previously been tasked with the job of ensuring a more 'representative' Conservative Party. However, prospective Conservative Party candidate,
Ali Miraj, claimed he was told by Mr Jenkin that his chances of being selected in a safe seat were slim. Cameron has denied that this is the reason Jenkin was sacked. Miraj went on to publish his claim on his blog.


At 10:32 pm , Anonymous Skuds said...

Even better than the "some of my best friends are..." line was the bit just before it.

You know the bit - we can't be racist: we have German in-laws.

It raised a smile here anyway.

At 10:52 pm , Blogger Finnieston Crane said...

Yes, at once displaying a clear misunderstanding of the subtle distinction between xenophobia and racism and failing to pick up on the main reason people might be a touch aggrieved, i.e., it was brown people her poem was having a pop at.

Skuds, I like any website with Gang of Four lyrics in the banner. Not sure about the Hammers, though...


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