Saturday, November 11, 2006

Snow hits out at poppy 'fascists'

Channel Four news anchor, Jon Snow, has spoken out against what he terms "poppy fascism".

He admitted his decision provoked complaints to Channel Four, but that he did not believe in wearing symbols on air. Another news veteran, John Humphrys, waded in and criticised Snow saying he had missed the point.

Snow may have a point insofar as he shouldn't appear to be promoting any particular causes on air. I'm sure the reaction would be different if he pinned a small Israeli or Palestinian flag to his lapel. It's worth remembering that many of the same emotions which would exercise some of his audience if he did wear one nation's emblem, would be precisely the same as that a poppy or a ribbon or a wristband might provoke.

I know plenty of people who are unashamedly against charities. Not because of the work they do, but because of misgivings about the manner in which their funds are administered and distributed. Others feel they pay taxes to contribute to the very causes charities are set up to assist and as such don't feel they need hand over any more.

It is surely Snow's or anyone else's decision to wear one or not. The same ridiculous hoo-ha was struck up when Huw Edwards or some other Beeb news reader failed to wear a sombre enough tie while presenting the coverage of some royal funeral.

Respect should be measured in behaviour and attitude and not in and adornments and symbols. I say again: "it's not enough to keep the mind alive."


At 6:08 pm , Anonymous a. nonymous said...

"Respect should be measured in behaviour and attitude and not in and adornments and symbols"

Hear hear. I've not worn a poppy for a couple of years now. Not for any particular reason. I've just never bought one. I prefer to be charitable all year round anyway.


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