Sunday, November 12, 2006

Newell in bonkers blast

Luton Town manager Mike Newell has launched a surprising attack on female football officials.

Newell was upset after his team lost to QPR and lamented the referee, Andy D'Urso, and the assistant referee, Amy Rayner's, failure to award his team a penalty. The BBC reports that Newell said after the game, "She shouldn't be here. I know that sounds sexist but I am sexist. This is not park football, so what are women doing here?"

Newell went on to blame 'politically correct idiots' for presence of female officials in football and now looks set to land himself in all sorts of bother with the FA.

I've had a look at the various things he's quoted as saying after yesterday's game and he's pretty clear on not wanting women in the game and unapologetically calls himself sexist. However, he fails to explain in any detail whatsoever why he thinks it is women aren't up to the task. Nevermind the fact that the person with the final say on the matter was, in this case, the referee, Andy D'Urso. Perhaps Newell is from the Borat school of biology and believes women's 'smaller brains' might prevent them from being objective and sure-sighted umpires. But again if he does think that he doesn't say it.

If anyone's an idiot in this scenario then, unfortunately, Mikey boy, it's you. Time for the FA to send you on an equal oppotunities course methinks.


At 5:07 pm , Blogger Reactionary Snob said...

No idea on the Blogger Beta front old son. I'm still on the old blogger... I know how to do that, the devil helps with me doing links etc.

Newell is a bit of an idiot. I once was at a function in Manchester with him where he said to a local councillor who was contemplating running for Mayor.

'That's brave of you, being a woman and all'

She was a tad swarthy 'Especially with you being an apache'.


At 9:09 pm , Anonymous a. nonymous said...

I remember the lamentable Newell years at Aberdeen. He was kicked out of a Louise Nurding/Redknapp concert for threatening a bouncer in front of his pre-teen daughters.

I suppose, at least he's unashamed in his sexism. Doesn't really make it right though.

To be honest, i don't think the world's ready for female officials in the modern game. There's no doubt that they'd be more than capable of doing the job, but players, managers and fans just don't respect them, and until; that happens, it's a thing that'll never work.

At 10:17 pm , Blogger Finnieston Crane said...

I'd forgotten about that incident.

Christ, I remember going to Pittodrie for an under-16s World Cup game when I was about nine or ten. It was Scotland v East Germany (hmm... so I must've been about eight or nine now that I think about it) and the Germans had a female physio who received the loudest cheer of the afternoon when she ran on the park. Some 15 years later, forgive me for thinking we're past all that.

We can't wait around for the reconstruction of football folk. The only way to force the hand of morons like Newell is for the continued and increased employment of female officials.

I see Luton have said the board will have a meeting with him this week. His relationship with the chairman is already strained, so in all likelihood all he's done is give the guy an excuse to hoist him by his own petard. However, sacking him isn't the response. It's education that's needed.

Wonder what Mrs Newell makes of it all.

At 10:35 pm , Anonymous a. nonymous said...

Oh yes, but football's so institutionally male dominated, women are quite probably a good 10-15 years away from gaining any sort of respect as anything other than sponge girls.

Maybe in 10 years or so, when metrosexuals like Mr Beckham are in the upper echelons of the game, they might be more respected, and able to get on with their jobs, rather than being told where the sink is.


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