Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sting: a complete %$&£?

Afternoon, folks. Another week has passed and I've been less than prolific with the posts. It's been a bit hectic so hopefully I can step it up again. Anyway, here's a frivolous one to keep you hanging on.

Has anyone seen the TV commercial for Sting's latest meisterwerk? It's called "Songs from the Labyrinth" and is described as the Geordie's, "venture into new musical territory by releasing an album of compositions by Elizabethan songwriter John Dowland. Produced by Edin Karamazov and Sting himself, the album sees Sting faithfully recreate Dowland's lute music some 400 years after it was written

The advert featured him sitting with a hapless sidekick in some sprawling garden landscape full of brightly coloured flowers. Sting's own Elysian Fields perhaps. The only difficulty being he's not actually dead.

I mean Christ on a bleedin' bike who on Earth wants to listen to this garbage?! What a self-aggrandising, pretentious, self indulgent idiot. If it's not bad enough that he's playing a lute, he's still warbling on in his
white man sub-reggae moan with the odd Lesley Garrett type well-rounded, over long vowel for that Elizabethan effect.

If he's going to pretend to be Elizabethan then he ought to be dealt with in the same way: some sort of public display of torture or humiliation. Gordon Bennett.


At 5:50 pm , Anonymous A. Nonymous said...

Sting is a c*nt. I mean, lutes ffs?! I hope he's proud that he's basically just done a karaoke album, albeit of songs 400 years old. He's no better than The Vengaboys with "We're Going To Ibiza"...

At 7:31 pm , Blogger Finnieston Crane said...

If he wants to play this stuff he should bugger off to his bedroom where he can't annony anyone else.


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