Sunday, October 08, 2006

BNP men arrested in chemicals raid

A story which didn't make the headlines this week concerns two men with connections to the British National Party. Robert Cottage and David Jackson were arrested after chemical explosives were found in their homes in Lancashire.

I've had a search around on Google and there's not a great deal on this story but I have found these links:

Mathaba News

The Times

Socialist Worker

The Burnley Citizen

News sources of varying import and standards I grant you, but incredible that this hasn't received more coverage if entirely accurate.


At 9:13 pm , Anonymous A. Nonymous said...

Dare i say it, but the BNP aren't fashionable enough targets for readers of The Sun/Star/Mail etc etc. Indeed, are these not the kind of people those papers aim to appeal to? Lowest denominator sorts. Give them a veil, and a different "God", and they'd have been front page all over the country with southern cabbies proclaiming "Those bloody northern terrorist menaces..."



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