Sunday, September 17, 2006

Top of the Blogs

There's been something of a buzz in the blogosphere this weekend following the publication of Iain Dale's guide to the top 100 political blogs in the UK.

Unfortunately, the Pamphleteer doesn't feature but I put that down to this blog's relative infancy: it won't be long before Mr Dale is forced to compile his first amended edition! Er...

Anyway it's broken down into four categories namely: the top 100 non-aligned, top 100 Lib Dem, top 100 Tory, and top 100 Labour blogs. I was surprised to see some of the blogs I've started to visit regulary on there, since I've mostly just stumbled across them. Sportingly, Mr Dale only puts himself at number two in the Tory list. Though how he claims that Melanie Philips is non-aligned escapes me. I'm not sure there's a category there she could be easily placed in.

Nonetheless, from looking around on different blogs it appears he's put a great deal of work into it and has given many a blogger a well-deserved plug.


At 5:05 pm , Blogger Reactionary Snob said...

Thanks for your comment. I hadn't noticed I'd reached the dizzy heights of 87th on the non-aligned. It is a bit strange that Devil's Kitchen & myself are non-aligned, I thought our beliefs were relatively obvious.

Keep up the good work.



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