Monday, September 18, 2006

Football's fixers

I've just seen clips of tomorrow night's Panorama programme on dodgy football agents, shown on Newsnight.

Unfortunately, I'm going to miss the programme tomorrow so I'd appreciate a synopsis in the comments section from someone after it has been aired. It certainly looks interesting. One clip showed a football agent named Charles Collymore who'd been duped by a football coach working with the Newsnight team. Collymore tells them that he knows of six Premiership managers who would 'definitely' be interested in a bung.

I'm doubtful that any of it will come to anything but should be a decent watch.


At 7:33 pm , Anonymous A. Nonymous said...

I must say, the amount of stories about Mr Harry are ridiculous. The guy's as dodgy as they come. Allegedly (best say that, i've been warned before by other websites for saying things like this with no solid foundation). I suspected him right from the start. I also don't think Irish ex Villa managers are to be trusted in bung enquiries.


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