Friday, September 08, 2006

Clarke explodes

Not literally, of course, but it got you thinking.

Charles Clarke today rebooted the Labour party leadership debate with an attack on Gordon Brown.

Just when it appeared that an uncomfortable truce had been brokered, Clarke burst from his moorings and denounced Big Gordy as "absolutely stupid". Clarke's heckles were raised apparently because Brown was photographed smiling as he left Downing Street yesterday. Clarke hasn't had much to smile about recently, so it may have been a touch upsetting to see a fellow... sorry, to see
a cabinet member smiling. Who knows what might have got Brown belly-laughing. He may have just been read Grigori Perelman's latest answer to the Poincaré conjecture by a flustered aide. Perhaps baby John had garbled his first words, "Endogenous Growth Theory, dada!" What father wouldn't be beaming?

What made Big Gordy grin so? Your comments, please.


At 6:00 pm , Anonymous A. Nonymous said...

I think there might be someone else in the back seat of that car with him. Our man Brown has let a sneaky but leaky one go, and has successfully blamed the driver, hence the big cheesey grin.

At 7:29 pm , Blogger Finnieston Crane said...

Not quite in the league of the caption comp in 'Have I got News for You' but I see what you're saying.


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