Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blair takes conference bow

Evening, folks. I've been a bit slack with the postings of late and I know you're all missing me.

Tony Blair made his final Labour party conference speech as leader today and received a
predictably warm response. One MP questioned as he left the arena said he couldn't remember why he wanted him to go in the first place.

Again the media latched on to Blair's failure to endorse a successor. I'm not sure why he should. If there's one thing Blair will be remembered for it's the cult of personality he has brought to British politics. That his personality should have any bearing on whom the next leader should be is surely questionable. I reject wholeheartedly claims that a General Election should be called when Blair has stepped down. It is the Labour party that is in power and not any one individual. It is time for policies and ideas to take back some of the spotlight.

Otherwise a reasonable speech: a few funnies; a note on the past; some advice on the future; and a tearful valediction. Oh, and a glowing report from Alistair Campbell on Newsnight. Much as we probably expected.

Some prodigious postings to follow. Dare I say better?


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