Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One more year for Blair?

The excellent Polly Toynbee writes in today's Guardian that those close to Prime Minister Tony Blair say he intends to stay for one more year "absolutely top whack". Toynbee goes on to compare the satisfaction ratings of Margaret Thatcher at the time of her demise (48%) and Tony Blair's at this moment (23%).

Whatever one thinks of Blair there comes a time in any prime minister's tenure when the electorate simply gets fed up with them. In recent months, in seeking to pave the way for a fourth successive term, Blair has often mentioned other left wing governments which secured a similar legacy. He has looked at their policies and praised their initiatives. What he has consistently failed to mention is that none has continued into a fourth term with the same leader. As has been trumpeted over and over again in recent months, he would be best advised to go sooner rather than later.

It is difficult to imagine just how much Iraq occupies his mind. Despite his continual refusal to admit that the invasion was a misadventure or that he had not envisaged how utterly mired Britain and America would become, one cannot help but feel that it keeps him hanging on. Perhaps he believes his legacy truly will be tarnished if the instability in Iraq continues until after he has stepped down. Perhaps his belief in himself is such that he cannot countenance relinquishing control until peace is restored. Whatever the reason it seems he is doomed to fail. However, I for one hope, that when he does step down he does not leave both Iraq and the Labour Party in flames.


At 9:02 am , Blogger Reactionary Snob said...

Good stuff on here. Don't agree with much but it's very well written.

I am not Donald Findlay... it is highly unlikely that Donald has any idea about blogging.

Keep going!



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