Tuesday, August 08, 2006

English Cricket

Monty Panesar in battle mode.

I haven't got the foggiest about cricket. Games, on the whole, seem to involve a great deal of not very much. However, since I moved to England a couple of years ago I have found my interest drawn to some extent. Last summer's Ashes series was captivating and we'll be put through it all again this November. But England's recent test against Pakistan (which England won today) deserves to be celebrated for much more than cricket. It's more than 10 years, I'd guess, since Norman Tebbit made his infamous remarks about which team British Asians ought to support. Hopefully today might have just helped knock that sort of vindictive and hateful thinking out of the ground for six. Today's star performers for England were Sajid Mahmood, a British Muslim, and Monty Panesar, a British Sikh. These groups are woefully under represented in British sport (that means you football!) and I hope these lads make the people who can help change that take notice.


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