Thursday, August 17, 2006

Business As Usual

I've been a bit busy this week and so I've let my initial blog fervour lapse. Incredibly this has led to two (yes, two) requests as to my whereabouts. However, I won't reveal who these people are for fear of inviting scorn and infernal machinations atop their feeble noggins.

I'm off to Paris early tomorrow morning but I'll attempt to up my output when I get back next week.

Bon voyage. A bientot.


At 12:15 pm , Anonymous Cynical Ex ACC Employee said...

Are you away to Paris to try and storm the barricades? Usually most people lose interest in blogs after a few month, not weeks...

I do not know if I can survive missing my daily doses of left wing ideologically pure blog chat.

At 9:02 pm , Blogger Finnieston Crane said...

I can't think of too many ACC employees who would describe themselves as 'cynical'. Actually...

But, none the less, I think I know who this one might be. Anyway, I'm back and I'll get posting again this week. However, having just sat on the Eurostar for nigh on six hours on account of a fire in the Channel Tunnel, I'm not feeling very 'bloggy'.


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