Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An Appeal

I'd like to urge everyone who visits my blog to take a moment to assist me. You will see on the right under the political links a link to a website called "Stop the BNP". The aim of the website is self-explanatory.

If you follow the link you'll see the site's homepage has a section entitled "Shut down the Peddlars of Hate". This refers to a website called "Redwatch" which has published photographs and names and addresses of trade unionists and others who have campaigned against the BNP. For some of those featured on Redwatch it has led to them being savagely attacked.

The authors of the site have so far avoided prosecution or censure as the site is not actually hosted in the UK. If you, like me, find this abhorrent please visit the Stop the BNP website and sign and send the email asking Dr John Reid to intervene.



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